Research robot monkeys changing pace!


Robot Monkey’s Pictured above not exactly as shown.

It was recently reported that our Research Robot Monkeys (RRM) had rampaged a Mid-Western town causing extensive damage but no one was hurt. Our latest reconnaissance leads us to believe that our RRMs have been spotted in Miami hanging out in a cocktail bar drinking Banana Daiquiri’s. While we have no problem with our RRMs rampaging through a small mid-western town destroying the local economy we put our foot down at Banana Daiquiri’s. We promise to have them disasembled, and reprogrammed as soon as we can catch up to them.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to capture these very well designed monkeys please advise us at once. We’d even consider placing you on our coveted Research Robot Monkey think tank.

5 Responses to Research robot monkeys changing pace!

  1. Coolio says:

    They weren’t daiquiris they were maitai’s and the one with the trumpet was spotted playing in a hot dance band. These guys are out of control.


  2. truthslayer says:

    Coolio, we don’t know what to say…the one with the trumpet has always given us more problems!


  3. Coolio says:

    BTW I just noticed Truthslayer that Ingrid is on Facebook she says just for family and close friends. One of the Research Robot Monkeys needs to go undercover and friend her so you can see for yourself what groups she’s joined and what her family vacation photos look like. Word on the street has it that she joined the Kid Rock fan club and confesses to being a closet fan of Alice Cooper. Who knew? I’ve been a ‘friend’ for two weeks now and she hasn’t caught on yet, he he. We’ve got to keep these fellow discernmentalists in line. Truth is at stake.


  4. Coolio says:

    Oh and for those who claim that I – Coolio – am motivated by revenge, as you can see in this latest post,only briefly made public, that I really am not. I’m just after truthiness like this blog. I like to shine a light on others.


  5. […] have Absolute Proof! Our Research Robot Monkeys have come upon this startling revelation of Luther’s Closeted Islamic beliefs:  From this […]


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