Dear ODMafia…


Dear ODMafia,

I am currently reading Brian McLaren’s Generous Orthodoxy. McLaren states unequivocally that “I am a Christian because I have sustained and sustaining confidence in Jesus Christ. (p43).”

What should I do?

Ben, Miami, Florida


Dear Ben,

First, we are disgusted that you would even consider having that book in your house. Second, the quote is an obvious misprint…every online discernmentalist knows that McLaren can’t be saved or trust in Jesus. Grace does not extend that far (only to us people on the side of righteousness). Third, we hope that you got the book from a public library and NOT your church library.

If you got it from your church library we recommend leaving your congregation once once and get re-baptized.

If you got this book from the apostate public library please put on your asbestos suit and burn it (remember your taxes pay for the library system…so you sort of own it anyways).

Finally….we are worried that you are unconsciously becoming an emergent church member. Check your house for things like sofas, couches and candles. Discard and burn (but not the candles…that could lead to become an emergent church member).

Truthslayer…your # 1  source of truth.

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