Discernmentalist defined…again

angrycustomerThe ODMafia believes like other discernmentalists that we must keep repeating ourselves. It is vitally important that you understand what a Discernmentalist is! We are not your run of the mill shlubs.  We have research robot monkeys. We have knowledge and insight that generally most do not have access to. Discernmentalists (all of us) have keen insights…some more than others…some have no insights at all but still feel the liberty to speak with authority about which they know nothing about. We endorse this type of ministry.

Discernmentalists are experts on everything to do with Christianity….particularly DISCERNMENT and how YOU should live!

We discernmentalists are above criticism, but we like to give it out.

We think other ministries need to be cut down to size….not because it makes us feel big (but it does make us feel good), because you need to be cut down to size…and we believe that we are anointed (from our fuzzy point of view*) to do so.

We discernmentalists don’t always agree on things… and therefore turn on one another like rabid dogs to a scrap of meat….you see we do not have to  exude or employ the fruit of the spirit…we are above that because we fight for truth (and it is very frail!)

Keeping you informed so that you don’t have to do the discerning yourself


* When I use the phrase “fuzzy” I mean it in the most absolute biblical terms possible so that you do not mistake me as a post-modernist.


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