Take A Stand gives expert advice on spotting the Emergent Church


According to Eric Barger, ” Today, one doesn’t have to look far to see the spiritual disrepair that liberalism has left the denominations in. Because of the longstanding apostasy of the spiritual liberals [ but not spiritual conservatives, because we are untouchable], untold millions have already entered eternity without Jesus Christ – having previously believed that those entrusted with teaching them the Christian faith were doing so faithfully and authentically.”

ODMafia went on the prowl….we sent our research robot monkeys behind the scenes to find the authentic Emergent Church (EC). We discovered that the EC are actually eaters of human flesh and drinkers of blood, and a freakish cult who chat about being missionaries at work, at play about some dead dude who rose again from the grave. We didn’t want to get too close because we did not want to be the NEXT victims. So we used surveillance cameras, post-it notes, etch-a-sketch (to catch the likeness of these cultists) to capture the essence of what it is and means to be in enraptured by this spiritual liberalism.

What did we find? Vampires (just was we thought!), and werewolves… although none were transformed into these creatures but we could TELL by the shifty eyes that they were indeed emergent underlings. We also found the TERMINATOR who came back from the future to obviously destroy truth warriors and attack the true church.  This goes to show you just how far the EC will go to destroy the church!!!!

Moreover, we discovered some were vampire fans of the movie Twilight…..which clearly shows us what kind of people these Emergents are. We also sighted one emergent without hair….that’s right…BALD (another twisted emergent characteristic). How sick is that?????????

Among other  things that have been discovered (as suggested in previous posts)….we spotted couches, candles and sometimes left-over coffee cups (often left in the recycled bin which suggests that they are Earth worshipers). Surely this has new age undertones.

Beware folks! We take our research seriously….and so should you.


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