Jonny Inquisition….a new truth warrior cartoon this fall!

September 22, 2009


Join us this September in this cartoon-action drama about boy-wonder-discernmentalist-truth-warrior Jonny Inquisition as he attempts to combat and suppress heresy; we see him grill, test, undermine and attacks liberals, conservatives, post-moderns, contemplatives in this explosive and highly rated new show on TWTV (Truth Warrior TV).  Each week Jonny Inquisition a member of the reformed mafiosa, charges, convicts and tries a variety of people for heresy. NO ONE is immune to Jonny Inquisition as he battles for truth and tortures to extract confessions!

This cartoon is based on the real life accounts and stories of Discerning the World, Slice of Laodicea, Herescope, Lighthouse Trails, Apprising Ministries, Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries, Abomination Nation and other great ministries of truth. Many of them were interviewed to help shape this particular cartoon for the fall season.

Join us for the season premiere!

Remember this cartoon is Truthslayer endorsed!

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