Skorge Bar! Be reformed!


Sometimes us reformers don’t feel Reformed enough. Often we don’t protest our faith in the way we should. Do you find that you just don’t listen to enough John MacArthur podcasts and radio sermons?  Don’t quite feel orthodox enough?

ODMafia has teamed up with Hershey to produce the SKORGE BAR! The Skorge Bar is the candy to fill the “reformers” void. You will be energized to spend all your time finding fault with Catholics (there are many, and so little time to note them all). Now…hunting heresy will come with ease as you find yourself invigorated with Skorge Bar energy! Each Skorge Bar has something disparaging to say (printed on the side) about denominations that are not reformed enough.

Buy one today and begin to feel more anxious by the moment!

The Skorge Bar is Truthslayer approved, and ODMafia endorsed for your truthful pleasure!

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