Offical exemption card now available

FRUITIt has long been known unofficially that Online Discernmentalist Ministries (ODMS) were exempt from living out the Fruit of the Spirit. This is due to the fact that the truth wars are so fierce, and truth so frail that ODMs must be excluded if we are going to fight the good fight. Now with the Fruit of the Spirit Exemption Card it is officially understood that ODMs do not need to apply, live under, or bear such fruit.

So remember, if you are an ODM bearing the fruit is not only optional, it is frighteningly apparent that by doing so you may lose the battle for truth in your dirty little war!

A proud sponsor of the official exemption card

…Truthslayer endorsed!

2 Responses to Offical exemption card now available

  1. […] a lie or slander….its called a no-compromise defence.  Have you ever heard of our Fruit of the Spirit Exemption Card? If not we highly recommend picking one up while supplies last. Remember, what George Costanza from […]


  2. […] We are above that because our pure doctrines give us an exemption clause. In fact we have an Official Exemption Card that disavows us even from having to produce spiritual fruit. Remember the truth war is so […]


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