Lost in Cyber-Space


Our favourite space faring truth warrior family (The Robinsons)  is back in this sci-fi “family safe” drama written and co-produced by me (Truthslayer). The astronaut truth warrior family Robinson, accompanied by a military pilot (truthslayer) and a robot (designed by Take a Stand Ministries), set out to colonize truth centred planet Apprising Centauri from the overpopulated emergents and liberals found on Earth.

Their 1997 mission (using the spaceship dubbed Jerusalem 2) is immediately muddled up by iTodyaso a leading discernmentalist who insists that he knows everything (you can’t fault him there since all discernmentalists insist that we know everything)…inadvertently pressing the wrong button sending them on an unknown path (likely though into emergent territory and the terrifying planet known as Rob Bell Beta 7). On this ship are other top notch truth warrior characters from Slice of Laodicea, Apprising Ministries,  Abomination Nation, Herescope and Lighthouse Ministries who also hope to settle and discernmentalize a new star system.

The story does not stop at being lost in space! As a matter of fact these truth warriors have long cruised that information tubeway getting ourselves into quite a bind. On this epic voyage, we find ourselves doubly lost …in space and cyberspace. You see our voyage has been a long one (like the great Exodus) and we have lost our scruples, integrity and spiritual compass in our valiant effort to protect truth.

Join us each week on CBS as we explore both our lost-ness in space and in cyberspace!


One Response to Lost in Cyber-Space

  1. […] October 4, 2009 Lost in CyperSpace Posted by rzhblog under Uncategorized Leave a Comment  I would have had “Jerusalem 2” pulled into a black hole and destroyed.  Perhaps I have read too much “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe” so I desire an ending similar to Earth being destroyed  Still not bad satire from “Online Discernmentalist Mafia“. […]


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