Challies undermines watchblogs, oh what a horrible assault (2)

DeadDogOnce again the watchblogs (i.e. online discernment ministries like us and more!) are under assault!

Our fellow truth warrior Stephen Macasil against all odds, with flaming arrows, darts and pitch forks aimed at his frail body took on the mighty Tim Challies, a tough, humanistic-like liberal and won! Challies is so rough, so rugged and mean that he does not name names when it comes to problematic discernmentalists. Yet still, Challies needs to be challenged!

Macasil states that Challies used humanism to prove his points…we know this because Stephen Macasil said so…five timesDo I have to repeat myself?

Challies apparently uses feelings which are bad, but Macasil states his own “Personally, I disagreed with most of what Challies wrote,” so Macisil’s personal opinion is good…because its Macasil’s opinion and not Challies. If this is reversed it would be humanistic and dangerous. Hope you are following discernmentalist logic…because this is our best weapon!

Macasil further states of Challies “His unwarranted attack severely lacked Scriptural support and was based on his feelings and autonomous self-reflection.” Of course Macasils autonomous self-reflection (ie personally, I disagreed….) is not autonomous….but biblical because Macasil appeals to his personal opinion that appeals to him biblically. Hope this makes sense to you because I’m confused…again discernmentalist logic is complex.

Therefore when Macasil speaks of personal opinion, its not humanistic, or feeling-based, but biblical… only Challies possesses such bad qualities.

Do you see how this works? Repeat a word like humanism and tie it to the name of someone you disagree with.  Then state your personal opinion which you claim is biblical, and insinuate that your opponents personal position is unscriptural because it is personal.

Also, repeat that you are scriptural, and how your opponent is unscriptural. Repeat. Also, hope that no one actually thinks through Macasils’s  ship of holes in this case his article  – because it would sink faster than a rock attempting to float in swimming pool. We implore more discernmentalists to use these very special methods of discernment….please please please we just ask that you do not apply any logic. Remember, we must win at all costs.

Affectionately yours,


2 Responses to Challies undermines watchblogs, oh what a horrible assault (2)

  1. Antithesis says:

    Very well, very well!

    Enjoyed your post.


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