8 Discernmentalists is Enough

8isenoughIn this new comedy 8 Discernmentalists is Enough…iTodyaso is left to raise 8 battle hardened truth warrior ministries on his own; Slice of Laodicea, Apprising Ministries, Abomination Nation, Biblical Thought, Herescope, Discerning the World, Eric’s Take a Stand and me (yours truly – Truthslayer).

Together we misidentify truth calling it error, mistakenly assume a lot of other people are humanist-liberal-post-modernist false teachers and getting us and others into all sorts of mischief in this first season. Join us this fall as we celebrate 8 Discernmentalists Is Enough.

2 Responses to 8 Discernmentalists is Enough

  1. rzhblog says:

    Stephen Macasil in his great defense of Biblical Thought has used as an example of how not to do apologetics a person suffering from Asperger syndrome. Naturally he had no clue that the person had Asperger syndrome as he doesn’t brother to check someone out before making negative comments on the person in his very public Biblical Thought blog.

    He speculated that the person probably was Presbyterian and all he needed to do was become a Bible believing Baptist to get right thinking. I found out by careful research this person had attended for awhile a Southern Baptist church and he suffered from Asperger syndrome. I have yet to find any evidence the person has any connection to a Presbyterian church.

    I am reminded of the movie “Rain Man” as the person that Dustin Hoffman played had a very similar medical condition to the person that Stephen Macasil has decided to use as an example of how not to do apologetics.

    Whatever happened to love in Christianity? The faith has to be defended even if it means posting negative things about a person having Asperger syndrome. I have got to see how Stephen Macasil gets out of this one short of deleting the discussion thread “What Would You Say to This Guy?” on Biblical Thought and pretending the event never happened.

    Has Stephen Macasil no shame in his defense of Biblical Thought?

    I encourage real Christians to encourage rather than say negative things about this guy on YouTube. Maybe that makes me a Liberal?


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