Essentials no longer good enough


We TRUE Christians realized long ago that the essentials of the faith like the incarnation, Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection are no longer the core of our faith….we NEED MORE…we WANT MORE! Christians of absolute truth know that we need to complicate our faith by ADDING  to it. We realize that all TRUE believers will have additional nuances to truly divide (with emphasis on divide) the true Christians over and against the “non-Christians”…IE the false ones.

True Christians should be Calvinist and Reformed. Indeed we should frown upon mainstream Christians and denounce them as non-Christians…or sub-Christians…or at the very least stinkin liberals. We can think of them as Samaritans…but worse.

It follows therefore liberals are NOT Christians too…but if you are a true Christian you know that already. We should be rapture ready, King James only, or an officially approved non-Eugene Peterson type bible. We should wear a suit & tie to church, ( so that we can  identify blue-jean wearing emergents) and know that all Emergents and Roman Catholics get a free pass to eternal punishment. NT Wright and McLaren cannot be saved…..Wright is Anglican and McLaren…well we just know he is not saved. Christians who have read The Shack are not saved, ditto for The DiVinci Code and Velvet Elvis.

In this complex world…we gotta make things simple. When Jesus says things like believe in Him, we know that what he really means is believe in Him and Calvinism, Reformed theology, hate Rick Warren and all sorts of additional stuff. Get it? We hope so or you are not saved.

We believe that we had to say what we had to say to point out WHO the true believers are.

Affectionately yours,


3 Responses to Essentials no longer good enough

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