Post-Modernism exposed by Discerning the World


Discerning The World (DTW) is a very confusing discernment ministry because there are several versions of it floating around cyberspace (an excellent way of confounding our enemies!)…but that helps to throw off anyone who is rational & likes coherency. Even still  DTW endures with the highest calibre of research, if by research we mean opinions (which we fully support).

DTW using STRETCH TECHNOLOGY insists that post-modernism (PM) embraces the following points:

Post-Modernity opposes the Word of God in that:
– There is no such thing as right or wrong
– There is no such thing as good or evil
– There is no such thing as sin
– There is no such thing as truth.  Truth is a lie.

The ODMafia, fully endorses misinformation to make our points clear! We also like that fact that Post-Modernism (PM) has been turned into a strawman. Moreover, by misidentifying PM DTW can make themselves appear to be champions of the bible. Again, not to repeat ourselves we fully endorse any sort of whitewash to support a cause…even if not truthful….after all we are in a truth war, and in war sometimes there are casualties…like avoiding the truth.

Affectionately yours



*Serious Note*: For a serious, researched, and helpful look at post-modernity I suggest going  here

2 Responses to Post-Modernism exposed by Discerning the World

  1. Michael L. says:

    If the abbreviation for PostModernism is PM, then the ODM’s suffer from PMS, PostModernism Syndrome. Is there spiritual Pamprin these discernmentalists could take who suffer from PMS? Bloating from self-pride, cramping from always being tied up in knots over heresy, all of it could be cured by a spiritual medicine maybe?


  2. truthslayer says:

    Michael, you correctly observe that indeed ODM’s suffer from PMS. We are currently working on a new medical device to relieve ourselves of this malady. We wish we could ask you for medical advice but being an expert discernmentalist we already know everything.


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