October 9, 2009


A long time ago, far away on the planet of Truthblogtron, a war was being waged between the noble Truthbots (led by the wise Optimus Ken) and the devious Emergicons (commanded by the dreaded RobBelltron) for control over the AllSpurgeonspark, a non-mystical-non-emergent system of propositional truth that would grant unlimited power to whoever possessed it. The Truthbots managed to smuggle the AllSpurgeonspark off the planet, but RobBelltron blasted off in search of it. He eventually tracked it to the planet of Earth, but his reckless desire to preach Jesus, he made Auto-Nooma Videos and wrote a book called AutobotElvis…which forced Optimus Ken to act on behalf of planet earth…our planetary special ops of truth.

Soon other Truthbots joined forces like Herescopebot, Take-Abot-Stand, CRNbot, Slicebot, MacArthurbot, Discerningtheworldbot, LighthouseTrailsbot and other busy-botties to engage in this truthwar.

Truthformers….they’re less than meets the eye!

Stay tuned for more with Truthslayerbot!

PS Discerningtheworldbot has several different versions scattered across the internet universe…Discerningtheworldbot.1.0, upto and including Discerningtheworldbot.6.7. It is a multi-verse Discerningtheworldbot universe.

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