Torture (or fire bombing) not wrong in itself says Greg Koukle (part 1)


Greg Koukle of Stand To Reason Ministries suggested in a podcast ‘I don’t believe that Torture is wrong in itself…..what do you call it when we napalm a village and firebomb dresden ? When we carpet bomb japan?”

I think normally we would call this vile, horrendous, and grotesque…but IF we are doing this in the name of America (and we know bible believing believers know that Jesus approves of American foreign policy) it is absolutely a good thing. Torture must be sanctioned in our bible believing land.

Moreover, because Greg is an apologist and he is a conservative like one of us…. we must support one another against the liberal incursion….otherwise terrorists will overrun 300 million Americans in a great stampede.

Finally, Medieval Catholics can get away with torturing in the name of the church we protestants should at least have some breathing room to torture in the name of our blessed nation state too! We don’t want to be left out. )-:

So come on guys, let’s find other ways to further legitimize torture (biblically speaking)… just don’t confuse us with Fascists….like Nazis (we’re better because we believe in Jesus).

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