Slice of Laodicea Cites Apprising Ministries About How To Be Forgiven Over Against the Seeker Sensitive Non-Gospels

October 12, 2009


First, ODMafia apologizes for the very long title. Just remember its not our mistake…we don’t make mistakes.

Second, we would like to address the following quote “Apprising Ministries with a missive discussing what the Bible teaches concerning forgiveness as it touches upon today’s various seeker sensitive non-gospels.”

Third, I would like to affirm SoL and Apprising’s Seeker Sensitive sensitivities. If it were any other ministry the fiery righteousness of Truthslayer would by default have to reign down (I can’t help myself – I’m that righteous!) We are pleased that Apprising is now going to teach us something about forgiveness. This is obviously new to Apprising, and we need to encourage this ministry in this direction.

Finally, ODMafia promotes forgiveness but not unity. We forgive all those who come against our truth and absolute discernmentalismness (not everyone can obtain that knowledge we have). But we do expect that once forgiven by ODMafia you will rush to become a student discernmentalist, studying under Walter Martin like we did….getting mentored by listening to his tape cassettes.

Remember, unity is simply too close to soft peddling the gospel.

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