Ad Hominem Communications this fall!

adLearn the ways of a Master Discernmentalist! Coming this fall we are offering a very instructive new diploma Ad Hominem Communications. You get the best of a university and college degree in this fantastic new course. We will offer Ad Hominem Communications theory (ie abstractly working out ways to personally attack opponents). Moreover we will provide “hands-on” college level applications. You will be required to apply this verbally and in written form. For instance, you will endeavour to apply the art 0f  erroneous logic; linking a person with some form of faulty logic and therefore to condemn them rightfully as a heretic or false teacher. Moreover, we offer a bonus “Guilt by Association” seminar for free to complement the skills of this very prestigious communications course. Please keep in mind we are proposing a specialization in Guilt By Association B.A. in the coming year….that is far more indepth for the aspiring discernmentalist.

Here are some actual examples we will explore and employ in real world circumstances….

* “You can’t believe Bob when he says he trusts in Jesus. He hangs out with Emergents.”

* ” John is not saved. He once agreed with Rob Bell’s book “Velvet Elvis”

If you have not signed up, please do. iTodyaso and I (Truthslayer) will be instructors, providing you with years of discernmentalist instructional advice. Will Farel XV will be a guest lecturer and advisor on this very instructive course.

Rest assured this course is Truthslayer endorsed!

5 Responses to Ad Hominem Communications this fall!

  1. TheoPoet says:

    I hang out with Emergents like Iggy online and I know people who agreed to Rob Bell’s book “Velvet Elvis”—in fact they read it in my church. I’ve also seen his videos in my church. Does that make me untrustworthy and unsaved?


  2. God's Only Inerrant Party Member says:

    Why yes, yes it does. You need to be more like us—the GOIP and read our approved books. I suggest you buy a MacArthur Study Bible or Scofield Bible or better yet you need to buy God’s Only Bible—the King James Bible—Authorized by God in 1611. Make sure you also read from our Final Prophet John Calvin as he is the final arbiter on all Truth instead of the Holy Spirit. We also recommend Charles Spurgeon’s writings as Spurgeon is one of the only True Godly Men right, Dr. Seymorespurgeon?


  3. itodyaso says:

    Unfortunately Dr Seymore Spurgeon has either taken a super long extended leave of absence or has been kidnapped by evil Emergents and being held captive. We have not heard from him in ages and hope all is well. If anyone does know of his where abouts let us know.


  4. truthslayer says:

    TheoPoet, your entire congregation is at risk of heresy and false teaching for even thinking about reading Velvet Elvis (remember its not just reading about it but merely thinking about Rob Bell that places you in danger).

    It is clear that they should have checked with us first. I’m pretty sure that you and your congregation are not saved (and I’m never wrong)….but thanks for asking.

    PS Before coming to our spiritual feast here at ODMafia we hope that you will discard all Rob Bell paraphernalia including look-alike eye glasses first! Of course we say this in love…even if you disgust all of us diligent writers here at ODMafia.


  5. […] Rhology is being deceived and doesn’t know that a True Absolute Truth Warrior Christian must render everyone they disagree with as guilty by associat…. This is an Essential Christian teaching as well as Discernmentalism as the clear teachings of Ken […]


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