New Anti – Emergent Gun Now Available


Have you ever gone to church and seen this guy? mohawk_sxsw












Or this guy?















Yes that is most likely an evil Emergent! They are entering “good” churches everywhere! Why should you have to feel like you are walking down a dark alley unprotected from muggers, theives and heretics that only want to steal your money freedom and pure doctrines? Now you can protect yourself with the Anti Emergent Mace Gun.

* The Anti Emergent Mace Gun also works on criminals, Arminians, small children that are bothering you during worship, pets, Muslim’s disorderly Elders, Liberals, Rick Warrenites, Caholics,  wayward worship leaders, gays, lesbians, bi sexuals, transgender and metrosexuals as well as a seasoning for beef, pork and chicken. Keep out of reach of children and pets unless you intentionally desire to harm them. May discharge accidently. Do not aim at your own face unless you feel that you are becoming any of the before mentioned. Company is not responsible for your actions and stupidity.

2 Responses to New Anti – Emergent Gun Now Available

  1. truthslayer says:

    I’ve seen some of these MALICIOUS characters in the past. Thank goodness for this all purpose anti-emergent pepper gun. I have been overrun with treacherous characters and need something like this at my side (besides my John MacArthur study bible) to feel safe and secure. If it wasn’t for ODMafa R & D where would we be?


  2. God's Only Inerrant Party Member says:

    Yes all God’s Only Inerrant Party Members carry these at all times along with our MacArthur Study Bibles, Scofield Reference Bibles and of course God’s Only Bible—the King James. We also have wallet sized pictures of John Calvin along with miniature statues of Servetus burning at the stake. These are effective deterrents in keeping away all those evil Emergents and other heretics.


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