A dramatic drift…indeed

October 14, 2009

wrongKen Silva of Apprising Ministries is a covert,  special ops discernmentalist. Thankfully our reasearch robot monkeys discovered the following insights that we MUST share “Those who can’t see the dramatic drift away from orthodox Christianity by Rob Bell, the Elvis of the egregiously ecumenical Emerging Church aka Emergent Church de-formation of the Christian faith—now morphing into Emergence Christianity (EC)—just don’t want to see it. Bell isn’t using innovative methods as an alternative way to reach people with the Gospel; no, he’s using his obvious gifting as a compelling speaker to advance an alternative i.e. another gospel.”

Here are some SINISTER quotes by Rob Bell…

“Humans are guilty because of our sin…Enter Jesus who dies on the cross in our place. Jesus gets what we deserve; we get what Jesus deserved. (p107, Velvet Elvis)”I hope you are as shocked as we are!

But it gets worse….hide the children! Place them somewhere safe like in front of the television.

Bell states “Not only is the way narrow, but it involves suffering. To truly engage with how the world is, our hearts are going to be broken again and again…(P 169 Velvet Elvis)

WOW! That is a definite and strange alternative to the discernmentalist gospel of getting all your ideas and theology right and critiquing everyone from here to Mars. In fact, I’m offended. I don’t want to suffer, that is why I’m a discernmentalist and cause suffering for OTHERS instead. We must come against Rob Bell and his “other gospel,” for preaching the narrow way, and suffering for it.

Did you notice???

Not once did Rob Bell mention absolute truth, or the fact that he would not compromise. Not once did Rob mention discernmentalism!

Remember, we have the truth…trust me you are in no need of self-examination if you already follow our steady diet of discernmentalist-reformed-calvinist-non-emergent-non-liberal-right-wing-truth-christian-faith.

Affectionately yours,


PS Clipart courtesy of Apprising Ministries. Thanks-guys, truthwarriors must stick together.

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