Evil Emergent Plot Uncovered

Ken Silva and the fine crew of God’s Only Inerrant Party have recently discovered a new sinister plot by those  Evil Emergents who are truly pagan and worship Satan. Here are the details that our GOIP Bot Searcher 3342 found on futher investigation:


You see there—those Evil Emergents are plotting to sacrifice little Baptist children to Satan (and by Baptists we mean only those who follow the Pure Doctrines as preached by Spurgeon). They said that they were doing this in protest of our Halloweenie Heretic Book Burning Shindig.  If that isn’t Absolute Proof that Emergents are the Incarnation of Absolute Evil then here is futher proof: Emergents love Postmodern Philosophy. Jacques Derrida is a Postmodern Philosopher and the devil reads Derrida. Photographic evidence:


From this we can conclude that Postmodernism is of the devil—so therefore the Emergents are non-Elect and also of the devil, too.

Don Jobson—Taking A Stand on the Urgent Emergency of the Emergent Heresy.

2 Responses to Evil Emergent Plot Uncovered

  1. Nice post, intresting read. Keep posting and I’ll come back for some more reading! Thanks!


    • itodyaso says:


      Eric is a fellow believer.. but is very ignorant on much he talks about. I have tried to talk to him but he does not appear to care to actually dialog with those he attacks… and if one is not willing to do that, then they should be held accountable. Eric does not want to be held accountable for his words against others. Again, instead of talking he condescends… that is not humility, that is pride and needs correction. If Eric changes his approach and does some real research (like talking to some of the people he attacks) then we would be more than grateful and willing to change our tune on him, but until then WITHOUT CONDEMNATION (as we have never stated he is less than a brother in Christ or is not saved unlike some of the things Eric has stated about others) we will stand against his usage of this worlds tools of lies, slander and bearing false witness against others. If you are all for those things I understand why you are offended by us, if not and you believe God’s truth defends us and God does not need us to defend Him, then you will understand why we do what we do.


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