Love Speech And Hate Speech Defined

October 17, 2009

This is Absolutely love speech:






This is Absolutely hate speech:








Get it—got it? Good because we told you so and we’re always right—and remember always vote God’s Only Inerrant Party or you’re not really of the Elect and unsaved. You may even be a false convert.

Don Jobson—telling it like it is and speaking the Truth out of love and concern for everyone especially false converts who don’t believe as we do.

Hate radio benefits America

October 17, 2009

radioFellow discernmentalists….we have come under attack once again….this time conservative right-wing radio talk show hosts are under assault! It appears that an author/write at consortium news entied “Hate Radio Hollows Out America”  is asserting the many right-wing radio talk shows are hate mongers… We realize that this is simply code for attacking truth warriors who are under grave assault from liberals, liberal-media and liberal government.

We need this horrendous accusation halted immediately. Our fellow radio talk show hosts are not blasting hate….but rather truth…and in these dangerous times (ie we are living in the most dangerous times in history), we need to be verbally as forceful as possible so that audiences will know how true they are. We all know that Republicans are naturalized Christians, and conservative radio talk show hosts speak the word of God because they are conservative….or politically conservative.

For instance,

1) We KNOW that the President of the United States hates the United States…why else would he want to be President?

2) We KNOW the USA’s survival is dependent upon attacking and occupying Iraq (millions of Iraqi soldiers would be on US soil right now if  an invasion had not taken place, and their invisible aircraft carriers would be sitting off the coast of LA as we speak!!!)

3) We KNOW that Canadian health care is really insidious (it really is, they force people to get well and then refuse to make them pay for services)

4) We KNOW that we have to fight terrorism abroad….even though more people are murdered in NY, LA, Chicago or Detroit combined in any given day on average than through terrorist attacks.

5) We KNOW that the liberal media agenda’s agenda is to undermine the conservative agenda.

It does not really matter that we live in and fight against delusion and illusion. In fact this is all part of the great deceptive smoke screen. Right-wing radio talk show hosts are the latest casualty in the truth war….they are wounded my friends and we need to come to their attention!

Affectionately yours,


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