Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Discernmentalist?


Join us weekdays at 4 pm after Heresy Wars for Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Discernmentalist? Only on Worldview Weekend TV—it’s fun for the whole family.

Join Ken “Hans” Silva, Brannon Howse’s son “Mowse” and Bruce “Abuse Your Wife For Her Own Good”  Ware as they look for that perfectly submissive wife. You’ll laugh out loud at the hilarious exploits the cast get into. You’ll cringe in horror as Hans, Mowse and Aywfhog teach their potential marital candidates the Pure Doctrines of Male Headship. You’ll cry as they turn down several hundred feminists who refuse to graciously submit to their God-given authority.  Female viewers will soon learn to accept our Pure Doctrines of Male Headship just like our very own Candace Cameron Bure. Get all the family involved and watch us weekdays at 4 pm after Heresy Wars on Worldview Weekend TV so they will accept our opinion of the Biblical Worldview.

Don Jobson—Respect moy athoratie woman.


2 Responses to Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Discernmentalist?

  1. Coolio says:

    and some of those discernmentalists have gotten good at marriage after a few practice marriages. They will have lots of experience.


  2. […] Women need a man because the word man is in the word woman. Guys, having trouble convincing women that they need you because it is God’s Plan for you to control them? Women, do you think you can scrape  by trusting on your own merits and therefore living in the sin that you can be saved by your works (I Timothy 2:15)? Having trouble finding a truly Biblical and Discernmentalist husband? Never fear we have created this video guide for the proper education of women’s Bible-based role  t0 being a man’s property.  Introducing The Discernmentalist Guide For Females On Finding A Biblically Correct And Discernmentalist Husband from the creators of  Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Discernmentalist?: […]


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