One world religion thanks to Rick Warren


Olive Tree Ministries with Jan Markell have suggested that  Rick Warren is leading us towards a one world religion. It is hard to take Olive Tree Ministries seriously especially since they were formerly known as BANANA TREE MINISTRIES a decade ago. But still we Discernmentalists stick together…sort of.

As for the OPEN LETTER TO RICK WARREN (we were hoping it would remain a closed letter), our research robot monkeys have disclosed the following….

Rick Warren according to the Washington Times envisions a “coalition of faith.” This sounds awfully suspicious…as if he is calling Christians to get along with other people. We just hope that Rick is not suggesting that we also work along side pagans in the workplace or I’m moving to another planet!

Here are his three EVIL Rick Warren suggestions…

create a coalition to end religious stereotyping, work together to restore civility to American society and take a common stand against attacks on freedom of religion and freedom of speech.”

This is indeed a reflection of the coming of the one world religion…and I’ll tell you why!

1) Biblical Christians should stereotype and label others we disagree with (its easier to target them!)

2) Biblical Christians should only believe in civility if by civility we are treated decently but not others (because loving your enemies sounds an awful lot like liberalism). Besides civility could lead to a one world religion.

3) Biblical Christians should only believe in freedom of speech if it is OUR speech being protected and no one elses. We are the only ones who have something important to say…such as invading Iraq, hating gays, being fearful of Islam, or worrying over an impending invasion from Iran or Venezuela.

This is certainly the mark of the beast, or at least a splotch of a spotted swine varmint (I’m leaning towards the latter).

We urge everyone to write your senator, congressman or elected official to stop Rick Warren from this one world religion. Act now and also get a set of free steak-knives with every protest. Remember, be wary of the mark of the spotted swine varmint (see pic above!) whose name is Rick Warren.

Truthslayer affirmed, Truthslayer endorsed!

4 Responses to One world religion thanks to Rick Warren

  1. Oxymoron says:

    Iggy thank God for you. I’ve recently run across, for the first time in a long time, someone who actually totally buys into all this discernmentalist, apologetics, etc. etc. They are attempting to use Evangelism Explosion/Way of the Master evangelism techniques on me.

    I’m so glad you are here to help me keep my head screwed on straight (sorry I said “screwed”). It’s so much easier and better in every way to just simply stereotype and label this person, and write them off. Thank you for the brilliant suggestions. =P Don’t know what I’d do without you. You seriously kick butt dude!


  2. truthslayer says:

    I would thank Truthslayer, ultimate-truth-warrior. He wrote it, but Iggy is a MASTER DISCERNMENTALIST….and yes I would thank him too along with Will Farel XV and DonJobson.


  3. y just one religion, how silly


  4. fripturi says:


    […]One world religion thanks to Rick Warren « The Online Discernmentalist Mafia[…]…


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