Preaching gentleness closet liberalism


Discernmentalists everywhere! Watchblogsquared has gone liberal. Our research robot monkeys (always on the prowl) discovered the following quotes…likely influenced by the Anglican Church…

“It is so seldom we find a real gentle spirit, one who is gentle all through, and gentle under all circumstance…It is amazing what lack of gentleness there is among the Lord’s own people. Among the reasons why so few Christians are thoroughly gentle in spirit may be the following:

So few really apprehend the worth of a gentle spirit; they seem to overlook it as a cardinal trait in religion. There are so many Christians who regard real gentleness as a weakness, a soft, sentimentalism, which in some way interferes with thorough righteousness, and boldness, and plain dealing, and a pushing zeal for God.” by George D Watson (we believe through our research ‘DD’ probably stands for double damnation.)

I could go on quoting, but this simply makes me ill. No doubt Watchblogsquared is a secret post-modernist and read’s Rob Bell’s books.

I believe Watchblogsquared quoted Watson to undermine true discernmentalism because without rudeness, obnoxiousness and self-righteous indignation we cannot stop the onslaught of the hordes of false teachers (ie that is mostly everyone.) We have to fight the world using the worlds tools (ie we get a green light to use them because we are truth warriors) for this is the only way to fight back!

We have exclusive rights to be haughty and have contempt for others…and it is completly discernmentalistically sanctioned! Besides, it takes a good back bone to fight the apostates. Also remember that a Fruit of the Spirit Exemption Card applies to all true discernmentalists. Take advantage while supplies last!

7 Responses to Preaching gentleness closet liberalism

  1. donjobson says:

    How dare those liberal fools try to turn our Jesus (the True one) into Mister Rogers when we who are God’s True Elect know that He was like General Patton.


  2. Arthur McJohn says:

    I think Jesus was more like General Douglas (John?) McArthur


  3. donjobson says:

    Why Arthur we don’t need to think—we who are God’s True Elect know as we were born already knowing the Absolute Truth. You are right though that Jesus was/is also like Douglas MacArthur as well as Saint John MacArthur especially when John looks at a person like this:


  4. donjobson says:

    But as one of our finest GOIP Discernmentalist preachers also preaches: “Churches too often expect men to “check their manhood at the door.” They picture Jesus as effeminate, as “Mister Rogers with a beard,” according to John Eldredge.

    ‘There are two problems with this view of Jesus: (1) it’s not accurate, and (2) no man wants to follow a feminized man. Men are looking for a real man to follow: dynamic, outspoken, bold, sharp-edged. They want a leader who is decisive, tough, and fair. They respect a man who tells it like it is and doesn’t mince words, even when it makes them mad. Men most respect a leader who doesn’t care what others think of him.

    Ironic, isn’t it? The Jesus of Scripture was exactly this kind of man…. Truth is, the Jesus of Scripture is more General Patton than Mister Rogers.

    Jesus Christ is the most courageous, masculine man ever to walk the earth. But we’ve turned Him into a wimp. His manliness and toughness are seldom spoken of, and men fall away because of it. Present the Christ of Scripture, and men will be irresistibly drawn to Him.’

    Churches not only have a feminized picture of Jesus, they use feminine language to speak of the Christian life, Murrow says: “References to sharing, communication, relationships, support, nurturing, feelings, and community” abound. Mainline churches have gone further, and removed masculine language from liturgy and hymns in an attempt to be “inclusive.” Men are asked to be “intimate” with Jesus, to have a “passionate” “relationship” with him. This kind of talk makes most men squirm.

    And having become so feminized, when men come to church and act like men, churches squirm. Murrow tells the story of Teddy Roosevelt, who volunteered as a Sunday School teacher. A boy came with a black eye and confessed he’d been fighting—he’d slugged another kid who had pinched his sister. Roosevelt was impressed, and gave the boy a dollar. He was promptly dismissed as a Sunday School teacher. Murrow’s point:

    ‘If men are to return to church, we must let them be men. Ferocious, aggressive, risk-taking men. We can no longer expect men to act like proper Victorian ladies. Today’s church needs a few more Teddy Roosevelts….

    What do men need? Men need permission. Permission to walk with Christ as one man walks with another. Permission to use their masculine gifts to change the world. Permission to awaken the long dormant masculine spirit.'”—-


  5. donjobson says:

    We know with Absolute Certainty that this is the Absolute Truth about Jesus’ character especially when Jesus was turning the tables and kicking out from the Temple all the liberals, queers, Emergents, Arminians, Canadians, Papists and all the other non-Fundamentalist Calvinist Americans of His day. After all Jesus only came to save the Pharisees (Fundamentalist Calvinists—those who are card-carying Calvinazi party members— )—God’s True Elect. Jesus indeed was/is a “Truth Warlord” after our own Discernmentalist heart.


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