One of the greatest truth-war satires of all time…B*A*S*H


B*A*S*H (Brag & Assist to Stomp-on Heretics) – was one of the finest truth war satire of all time. This truth war begins and ends in Korea where we observe the antics of valiant truthwarrior-doctors Trutheye and BJ (Bible-Journalist) Honeycut as they battle righteously against the emerging hordes spreading across Korea. These true reformed warriors split hairs, and cause division righteously declaring the truth wherever they are….even places where people wish they were not!

War is hell they say…especially when not appreciated!

3 Responses to One of the greatest truth-war satires of all time…B*A*S*H

  1. donjobson says:

    What a sweet show teaching the Pure Doctrines: “A new heresy has been discovered,” he said. “We must stamp out this burst of hell-fire before it spreads over the surface of the earth…. Freedom of conscience is a doctrine of the devil…. Better to have a tyrant, however cruel, than permit everyone to do what he pleases.”—John Calvin.

    “Whoever shall now contend that it is unjust to put heretics and blasphemers to death will knowingly and willingly incur their very guilt.”—John Calvin.


  2. donjobson says:

    When we gain power all will be Pure again!


  3. truthslayer says:

    It is only in power and coercion that we shine God’s light best.


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