Tension…..and judging others


Fellow discernmentalists the Bible has come under attack by John Armstrong of ACT3 he states ” There are some obvious tensions that we encounter when we read the Scriptures.” We KNOW that in our reading of the Bible….there are no tensions. It is simply black and white….bible truth vs false teaching. If you are looking for tension we suggest a high-wire circus act! Remember…tension is only found in wires suspending bridges, towers, electrical lines….and  tension headaches which you are giving us (we resent having to think)!

John Armstrong of ACT3 furthers his attacks by suggesting “The Scriptures do teach us to avoid judgmental attitudes toward others, especially in dealing with Christians.” We THINK this is a direct affront on our righteous and OUR very truth striving among other discermentalist ministries.

He further states “No matter how you apply these texts you will soon have to admit that judging and discerning sometimes do get very close to one another.” That is why we think that judgmentalism and discernment are one in the same….therefore discernment is judgmentalism, and judgmentalism is discernment. Its biblical. We need to do it…and its best done with an attitude of anger, resentment and self-martyrdom. We are always being attacked for our righteous cause.

The ODMafia, if we can’t judge you…who will?



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