Fellow TRUE CHRISTIANS, it has come to the point where Red Letter Christians are infiltrating the church and sharing and stuff! Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries writes “In many Bibles, all the words of Jesus are in red. There is nothing wrong with that. But something is wrong when Leftist Christians or so-called Christians want to mute the words of Paul and other writers and only follow Jesus’ words. They call themselves “red-letter Christians.”

How dangerous that Christians emphasize the words of Jesus incarnate, God-in-the-flesh over St.Paul, redeemed sinner, creature and follower of Jesus. We need to be on the look out for people who over emphasize and live out Jesus’ mandate as dangerous publicans (not Republicans who are God fearing).  Red Letter Christians want to secretly subvert Paul’s words and even have special bible scissors to excise these scriptures….especially the parts about sharing (because that is communism.)

Moreover, Markell notes “They focus on Jesus’ words about helping the poor, ministering to “the least of these” (Matthew 25:40), loving our enemies, etc. That justifies abandoning hundreds, even thousands of condemning verses in the Bible they choose to wish away. That makes homosexuality OK and war wrong! And remember, Paul and the others in the Bible represent Jesus’ words. They were His spokesmen.”

First, we agree that we need to be bigger moralists….

Second, how ungodly of red-letter-Jesus-emphasizers to focus on Jesus words, stress mercy on outcasts and those who financially struggle (so unbiblical!!!) So what if there are about 2000 verses in the bible regarding the poor. We know that the Bible is really about abortion and promoting war…because Jesus said “Blessed are the war-mongers.”

When will they learn that only Republican-right-wing-conservative-Christians are true believers who are supposed to despise the poor and marginalized. Remember, the poor are dirt-bags and deserve to be ignored. We cannot afford to be compassionate when we need to rally the troops against homosexuality.

Remember the TRUE words of our Lord “Blessed are the haughty and self-sufficient, for they shall overcome and bludgeon the downtrodden over all of the earth.”

We at the ODMafia want to remind you that the gospel is about rabid indivdualism and your own personal salvation (and upholding the status-quo)… between you and God. Ignore they neighbour….because to share with them is communism.

8 Responses to RED-LETTER CHRISTIANS MARXIST says Jan Markell – Part 1

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  2. donjobson says:

    How dare they—typical Emergents! Don’t they know that True Christians are suppose to read Jesus in light of Aristotle through the lens of Paul through the lens of Augustine and Calvin as their interpretation of Paul’s interpretation of Jesus in the King James Bible AV 1611 is the final word on God for God’s True Elect.


  3. Carl says:

    Your sarcasm is o so clever. But of course, we have nothing to fear from those who handle the Scriptures so lightly as to skew it towards a leftist political agenda. Certainly that has never happened. Good on you for straining at a gnat and swallowing a socialistic camel. your reward is great.


  4. truthslayer says:

    Carl, we welcome you to discernmentalism….you have already gained great expertise in the field….and we want to encourage you.

    We too believe that sharing is communism and therefore leftist.

    We too believe that a rightest agenda of greed and consumerism is the biblical way.


    Seriously, why is it bad or LEFTIE (???) in caring for the poor, that is simply an outshining of doing good, and being people of character…so that when we are asked we have a leg to stand on when we point out that we believe Jesus IS the way.

    The apostles and early Christians in Acts held all in common, they shared. Too close to communism for you? They didn’t call it that….it was simply part of THE WAY. Communism 2000 yrs later comes along and adopts and perverts those ideas….not Jesus’ problem…its ours when we reject the Way of jesus…we get frightened of words and ideas.

    To call certain Christians LEFTIES as if bad because they care for the poor and disenfranchised and choose to believe that the gospel mandate is beyond rabid individualism strikes me as simply succumbing to the status quo of consumerism, conservativism, and capitalism. No this is not a strike FOR communism, but rather things like capitalism need to be held in check.

    Call some christian lefties if you want, but they are not saved by righest/leftie agenda’s but by trusting in Christ. If some ‘lefty’ideologies seem to emulate the gospel…so be it….but just because they do does not mean it is wrong because you have had decades of “american gospel’ inoculation.


  5. The words of Jesus should ALWAYS be first above anyone in the bible and otherwise. Why do we esteem mens writings as if they were the first to think of such great things; I love the book of Job when God finally speaks at the end and puts man in his place. To nullify the words of Jesus is to take the very power out of scripture. God created everything with the spoken Word, Jesus. If anyone has a problem with that I suggest they go back and read the bible, though they may find it a bit offensive:)
    On a different note, the church is suppose to take care of the ‘church first’, which it is sadly neglecting. It takes the body, collectively, to help the body. Once the body is healthy, then we help others. I’m not saying we shouldn’t help those outside the body, but it should be done prayerfully and by the leading of the Holy Spirit. The early church had a choice of what they wanted to make ‘common’, Ananias and Saphira did not have to give all they had, God just wanted them to not lie about it to make themselves look better.


  6. truthslayer says:

    On a serious note: Well said Truthseeker!



  7. itodyaso says:

    Jesus’ words are so sacred that they are specially marked so we can more easily pass over them as not to desecrate them. We need only to read Paul and other approved right wing passages that promote OUR TRUTH. If someone think they can interpret God’s words they will find they will fall short. Only the Secret Order of the ODM holds all infallible Truth in the form of OUR APPROVED AND HOLY DOCTRINES. We have done the reading and thinking so people like you, Carl do not have to. If you look at some bibles closely you will notice that some of that “red” is actually “pinkish”. That is a sign that apostasy is now and the Apocalypse is near. Jesus will come again and restore His holy words to black and white as we see things sooner than the commies who claim to be Christians will realize.


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