November 3, 2009


Jan Markell warns that some Christians focus on doing good deeds which makes Red Letter Christians Marxist. We at the ODMafia want to caution you too about doing good deeds…because doing good deeds IS a bad deed…indeed. I hope you follow our rationale, because it is as clear as Jan Markell’s Olive Tree Ministries.

Markell states “Some who believe this way practice a form of neo-Marxism and others would call it “Christian Marxism” — an oxymoron if there ever was one. They note that the early church shared everything (socialism). A close cousin to this is “liberation theology.”

Remember, caring for your community is anti-Jesus. “Love they self,” Jesus said and “do not share or hold things in common…because that is too close to communism” the apostles once reminded us in Acts. We are thankful that Jesus promoted capitalism, corporate takeovers…and the sweat shops in the Third World. Besides….it benefits us in North America so much!

ODMafia, supporting the status quo, the powers that be…without question…. just like Olive Tree Ministries!

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