Menace spotted! Discernmentalists should be concerned….

November 9, 2009


In a startling turn of events Take A Stand Ministries (TSM) Bible Based Satellite System (BS) and Discerning the World’s (DTW)STRETCH spotted the following Emergent Robot Vampire menace….and possible sympathizers.

The ODMafia Research Robot Monkey’s were not on hand for any data collecting but we can trust the research of both of these ministries (TSM and DTW) to be accurate and true. It is possible that this could be a new type of liberal…but we will not speculate since we deal only in absolutes.

Should we not be concerned?

Please be aware of anyone in your church that look like appeasing suspects above, often wearing such apparel as plaid shirts and sporting shifty eyes (could be Canadian infiltrators.) Indeed look out for robots infiltrating YOUR church service with the above suit and tie (don’t be deceived!)

PS Discernmentalist insiders believe that this robot vampire may be an attempt to create a robot-vampire-version of Rob Bell (the facial expressions are uncannily life like.)

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