New tech reviews truth warrior brain power


It has been readily admitted that discernmentalist thinking  (aka truth warriors) is unique among the world. It has been admitted by a number of truth warriors such as DonJobson ” It is because of our ability to read minds, and dissect truth unlike other ‘normal’ apologists. We can see when they ‘think liberal’….” ITodyaso, CEO of ODMafia weighing in suggested “we think differently because we are a special gift to humanity. When you know it all, you want to share it all.”

Other truth warriors elaborated on all of our unique thinking abilities….

1) If John MacArthur states 2+2=5 (ie because of his expertise in biblical math) whereas John Armstrong declares it to be 4 (ie not using Biblical math)….Armstrong is obviously wrong. Even IF the answer flies in the face of logic, or the fact that the Bible does not teach math. MacArthur is by his nature correct, because he is a truth warrior…Armstrong is ‘soft’ on Post-modernism,  liberals and the Emerging Church and therefore if follows that MacArthur MUST be right on all things.

2) If Dan Kimball says “Jesus is Lord” he really means “a false new-age, post-modern, man-made-Jesus-is-Lord” because no emerging church member can be saved. Only right-wing-republican-conservative-Christians who support war can actually be saved.

3) When Rob Bell is declared an Emergent by numerous discernmentalists….he is therefore Emergent. If Rob and Mars Hill denies the claim it is because he is lying. All Emergents are liars….and they seek to deceive the masses and generally take over the world.

4) Shane Claiborne wears natural fibers….he is therefore not saved.

Remember, we at ODMafia set the standard.

4 Responses to New tech reviews truth warrior brain power

  1. intelligent0ne says:

    yes very intresting artical


  2. Arthur McJohn says:

    That’s why “McArthurites” should be used as units of measurement of Absolute truth.


  3. truthslayer says:

    Arthur McJohn you have obviously been studying WELL at the ODMafia Inst. of Discernmentalists and Academy of Truthwarriors. Insightful indeed. (-;


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