BIBLICALTHOUGHT.COM Moderator makes secret deal with pope?

November 16, 2009


BIBLICALTHOUGHT.COM is slightly different from other watchblog discernmentalist ministries… is interactive (FOR NOW!!!). Normally for our benefit, ODM’s are non interactive so that the pure doctrines can flow one way (like sewage)…without question to you and I (isn’t that beneficial????)

There are rules however, for instance “Participation in the BT Forum is a privilege and not a right.” We hope you readers feel awed and privileged to come to our truth site too! has other rules like “No drive-by posting.”  We have rules too that are far more stringent like “NO DRIVE BY SHOOTINGS.”

Other rules include “Immediately adhere to Moderator warnings.” We are far more biblical because we believe that we should “”Immediately adhere to Scriptures’s warnings.” See how righteous we are? We wonder if adhering to the moderator is a subtle humanist ploy (we are not one to attack other discernmentalists but we need to speak honestly)!!!

We are concerned by the last moderation note which may have the ruminations of ROMAN CATHOLICISM!!! For instance,  “Failure to comply with Moderators will result in your indefinite banishment” We reiterate Non-compliance with the moderator = banishment from BiblicalThought.Com

In the Roman church: Non-compliance to the pope = banishment from Roman Catholicism

See the similarity? The equivalency makes it true!

We wonder if BIBLICALTHOUGHT.COM has made some secret deal with the pope! Being that we are truth warriors…we don’t have to wonder, we deal in absolutes and therefore we move beyond conjecture….and assume they have made a deal with the pope!

Again, we’re just saying what it sounds a bit like….

Affectionately yours,


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