The Look Of A Discernmentalist

November 17, 2009

Discernmentalist by day—hypocrite by night! Keep up with the discernmentalists’ fashion and style of the day with Rend-A-Suit by Haggar, Todd Friel’s favorite designer. These suits are hand sewn with all 600+ commandments and laws of the Old Testament because we Know that Grace has nothing to do with love, mercy, helping others or any of that lying liberal commie crap. Infact we are Absolutely Certain that Grace=our Divine Election as saved discernmentalists + our Legalism towards the non-Elect/false converts and God’s Grace is only for True Believing discernmentalists and so is ours. Why?— Because Spurgeon, Ray Comfort, Todd Friel and Kirk Cameron say that this is the Absolute Truth and Biblically Correct definition of  Grace and we should believe as they do as they are clearly superior to all other theologians with the exception of God’s Holiest Apostle—Saint John MacArthur. And remember if you weren’t saved under the Law-Grace Salvation model aka the Ways Of The Master Religion Open Air sermonizing  for salvation model aka Hell’s Best Kept Secret then you are most likely a false convert, of the unregenerate non-Elect, unsaved reprobates and never were a True Christian to begin with.

Our cherished ideologies under attack!

November 17, 2009

Attention Discernmentalists!!!! We have come under attack from Jesus Radicals! Howard509 from this subversive site writes “This is one of the most offensively ignorant articles I’ve ever read.”



We true believers are the ONLY ones that have a right to be incensed! And when I say “incensed” this has no connection to the new age candles that post-modern-emergent-liberals  use during their satanic worship times.

We must come against the RED LETTER CHRISTIANS because they honour THE words of Jesus (in RED LETTERS!!!) and promote his leftist teachings of loving your enemy, being mindful of the poor, humility, selflessness, peace-mongering and picking-up-the-cross. We need to put a stop to this non-sense before it spreads!

Remember our cherished idols idol-ologies beliefs are being attacked. The American Jesus, capitalism, every-man-for-himself, exploitation and promotion of the democratic way need never be challenged!!!

They are the American way, therefore the Christian way.

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