Obama caught making unbiblical bow

Like clockwork, our research robot monkeys (not the new CRAPPERS) but the old school ones caught Obama making an unbiblical bow. Note that Obama is bowing at approx. 90 degrees (bad bad bad!!!) Biblical-Conservative-Republican-Absolute-Truth-Honouring-Christians only bow of  1 degree (any other angle is untruthful). In fact anything more than a head nod could be misconstrued of as complete Baal Worship….or worse (ie Befriending a Democrat).

Remember, that a discernmentalist should be weary of respecting anyone….and bowing only at most….1-2 degrees (even this is almost extreme).

2 Responses to Obama caught making unbiblical bow

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  2. Emily Myers says:

    At least this is more educational than one of the reality Television stars, kim this?

    Joey what?


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