Komrad Wallis “We will bury you!!!!”

From the podium Wallis shouts against Amerika “We will bury you!!!!”

If not for  Olive Tree Ministries (OTM), we are not sure who would lead the naturalized Republicans as Christians and the GODs ONLY INERRENT PARTY (GOIP) to the rescue. Olive Tree notes “I have major issues with what is known as the religious Left. ” Thank-goodness OTM is pointing the finger away!!  What we need is less self-criticism.

Here are some of the insidious things OTM found out about these “lefties” : “Jim Wallis is an admitted Socialist and Communist. How’s that for being very up front with you? He was a part of the radical Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in the 1960s. That organization was always in a rampage and assaulting the police with their Communist agenda.”

Wallis is of course an avowed commie says OTM…and if OTM says it we believe it. He was a “commie” 40 plus years ago….therefore he must be one today! Peoples views, ideas, and thoughts always remain static, unchanged and unmoved for all time!!! Once a commie always a commie. We can bet your bottom dollar that Wallis has visited other communist states like Canada and secretly used  its unbiblical universal heath-care system where people are forced by the dictatorial prime minister to be healed. Remember, a commie cannot be a Christian.

If you advocate sharing…you are a commie.

If you criticize capitalism like….a Nike sweat shop….you are a commie.

If you criticize America…you are definitely a commie, and likely a terrorist.

Capitalism and democracy automatically translate into Christianity….one in the same.

We KNOW Komrad Wallis, and we know his insidious ways. Don’t be a commie….support the ODMafia!!!

5 Responses to Komrad Wallis “We will bury you!!!!”

  1. Arthur McJohn says:

    The only valid epistemological school is calvinism, and it teaches “once A, always A”. Like “once saved, always saved”, “once commie, always commie” is calvinistically valid.


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