Olive Tree Ministries (OTM)apparently likes to report on high profile people such as Jim Wallis.

Wallis was quoted as saying “In those red letters, Jesus calls us away from the consumerist values that dominate contemporary American consciousness.”  Of course this is wrong, since the New Testament insists that we collect more and more treasures here on earth.

According to OTM’s insightful “translation” obviously using STRETCH TECHNOLOGY and Eric Bargers Bible Based Satellite System (BS) this means “…he loathes capitalism and opts for socialism and/or communism.” Remember, we discernmentalists think like a binary computer. It’s either “A” or “B”….never something else.

We opt for unbridled and unfettered capitalism without restraint…because it is biblical!We don’t care how our products are made….or who makes them….or suffers in the process.  We encourage corporations to dump PCBs in local rivers and lay-off tens of thousands so that CEO’s can make that extra 10 million dollar bonus.  This is the Christian way, the better way! Its the American Gospel.

Remember ““Blessed are the very rich in pocket and those that work hard to get ahead, and pull up their own socks, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

At the ODMafia, let us do the discernmentalizing for you!  Just remember, store up those treasures on Earth folks!

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