Prepare For The Slaughtering of the Truth

November 25, 2009

Using newly invented  STRETCH tech (Survey Truth Revise & Exaggerate Truncate Cacophony of Hagiomania) we can expect that Discerning the World (DTW) will do their best to elicit truth in the best possible light…shadows.

DTW states “This article was written 11 years ago however as far as I’m concerned it could have been written 10 minutes ago.” As far as ODMafia is concerned we too think it could have been written in ten minutes...or ten minutes ago. Sometimes I write my best articles in under 1 second flat…but then there is only one Dr. Truthslayer (specializing in overgeneralizations).

The MOST ghastly thing is that people think that Emergent is of God states DTW. How dare ANYONE think this!!!! We have technology that allows us to see into peoples hearts and therefore we KNOW who IS in the KINGDOM and who is not. Emergents are NOT in. We know.

We decided to OUT one Christians who has done considerable research on the subject. We hope you will cover your eyes and look away – because we discernmentalists don’t want to get the facts on the way of discernmentalism!!!!

SEE John Armstrong:  Focusing on the Church Outside the Walls

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