De-Mentos….helping us to play down Jesus’ teachings!

De-Mentos is the new mint to prevent you keeping your bible hermeneutics from overwhelming your political, ideological, or imperialistic allegiances. Discernmentalists must always keep our Christo-fascist theology, Religious Right, and conservo-centric traditionalisms well tuned against liberals, emergents, accommodating conservatives and NT Wright.

Are you fighting an uphill battle with those kinds of Christians?????…you know the RED LETTER types that emphasize Jesus’ words? These are the types with anti-biblical values like peace mongering, anti-war, anti-torture and care for the poor. We all know that Jesus was pro-torture….or at least ambivalent about it. People like this are secret communists.

Perhaps you have run into the extremist that once said a nice word about a Muslim, or Rick Warren. Of course we know this to be “Christianity lite” and “liberalism.” We know for sure that Jesus really didn’t mean love your enemies or do good to those that persecute us. What he really meant was wait for the enemy to love you first.  Also, be weary of immigrants because they are ruining the country.

Remember these words from Sermon on the Mint “Blessed not are those who mourn, for they shall not be comforted. Comfort and feeling good about ourselves is from the devil, sissies, weak pansies and liberals.  Blessed are the proud and arrogant, for they shall conquer and triumph over all of the earth.”

This is why De-Mentos is the mint of choice. It will soothe the mind, ease the conscience and relieves us of any critical thinking….or worse emphasizing the words of Jesus that might make us uncomfortable. Remember, we don’t spin Jesus’ words THEY do!!!

Leave it to the ODMafia, and Dr. Truthslayer to make the right choice for you today – De-Mentos. The mint of choice for discernmentalists.


De-Mintos is a subsidiary of Sermon on the Mint Corporations and Conglomerations Ltd.

One Response to De-Mentos….helping us to play down Jesus’ teachings!

  1. rzhblog says:

    It appears that Biblical Thought ( not would add that Jesus was anti-Family Values. In addition, “Focus on the Family” preaches “Moral Therapeutic Deism” and has “Family” as their idol over worship of the Trinity. James White and John MacArthur it appears may have joined Stephen Macasil and Daniel Chew in their spiritual discernment true truth war against “Focus on the Family” and others taking a stand for traditional family values.

    If you knew something about Stephen Macasil’s family situation; maybe you would realize why Stephen Macasil is as anti-Family as Robert Morey. Unlike Stephen Macasil; Robert Morey has publically exposed the sins of his Family members as listening to the various videos on YouTube will prove.

    Travis on Biblical Thought is confused as to why Mormons and JWs who have family values are not allowed to sign the “Manhattan Declaration” which is limited to Trinitarians only. “Focus on the Family” it appears doesn’t consider non-Trinitarians to be Christian.

    The true truth war becomes extremely confusing as “Focus on the Family” is exposed as teaching another gospel that is Christless per the teachings of Michael Horton. It may be Christless, but it is Trinitarian so maybe there hope that a few “Focus on the Family” individuals may make it though the narrow gate into Heaven?

    The judging war continues as the self righteous watchblogs attack the “Manhattan Declaration” and not worshiping their idol of TULIP!!!! TULIP saves you!!!!

    Will the Calvinist Pharisees of Biblical Thought ( stop worshiping TULIP long enough to worship the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit)? Stay tuned as the true truth war on Biblical Thought against “Focus on the Family” becomes more stupid as Stephen Macasil, Denise of Surph’s Side blog” Daniel Chew, and the other Calvinist Pharisees of try to prove that they are more faithful to TULIP than those claiming to be Calvinist but really are Arminianist in Calvinist clothing.

    Keep up the great satire …..

    OK, I admit that Tim Keller doesn’t worship TULIP as much as Stephen Macasil does. Does that fact make Stephen Macasil happy?

    Naturally this is all satire but everything now days appears to be satire.


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