Wounding a weaker brothers conscience!

Our research robot monkeys happened to come across the following book The Church In A Pagan Society: Studies In 1 Corthians by David Ewert)…we believe that this is FOR NON-DISCERNMENTALISTS. It certainly does not apply to OUR discernmentalist types who research ministries and spell out the absolute truth by damaging the reputations of others with our highlights on quotes and particular readings on them. This is what it states based on 1 Cor 8:

“When someone sits against his brother by wounding his conscience, when it is weak, he really sins against Christ. Paul had learned that truth first when he was on the way to Damascus to persecute Christians. When the voice from heaven asked: “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” it dawned on him that to hurt Christ’s followers is to hurt Christ. So inextricable is Christ bound up with his own that to wound a Christian, weal … is to wound Christ.( p84)”

Upon reviewing this I have determined that this is either

a) NOT written for discernmentalists (which should be obvious)


b) David Ewert is an obvious apostate that must be rebuked for attempting to chastise (in a non-descript way) discernmentalists.  Discernmentalists do not need to be held accountable because we already have and know the truth. We are uncorrectable because we are chosen to judge discern EVERYONE else.

Destroying reputations is a holy thing, if you call it a ministry.

Remember, when you want absolute certainty…..absolute answers Truthslayer is here….never fear (except fear emergents, liberals, Muslims and the homeless)


One Response to Wounding a weaker brothers conscience!

  1. donjobson says:

    Indeed we are under attack daily by non-discernmentalists. Even now Brian McLaren is attacking our fellow discernmentalists such as Ken and Ingrid.


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