Dear Dr Truthslayer

Dear Dr. Truthslayer, Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries states that he is “Preaching the WHOLE Truth” and “Presenting the truth without compromise is not popular in many religious circles today.” What do you think?

Johnny Ignoramus, Winnipeg


Johnny, it is possible to preach the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You see we discernmentalists preach ALL the truth….unlike Rob Bell, Gregory Boyd. Rick Warren, & NT Wright…who do not preach the truth at all.

We are so holy and self righteous that we are able to preach it without compromise (always)…we never make mistakes and when we do you have to learn to cover your tracks and never admit your wrong. When we mean NO compromise we mean we don’t have any biases….or planks in our eyes. We are about the authentic gospel…you know the one about pointing out how right we are, how authentic we are, how good we are, how truthful we are. How those others are not so good like Mega-Churches and so on (We think you know what I mean…wink wink).

We are able to interpret the bible perfectly through the use of discernmentalist lenses. We don’t compromise. There is never ambiguity when it comes to tough issues…only absolute truth all the time.

Also, how dare you question Eric’s no nonsense, no compromise attitude!

Affectionately yours Dr. Truthslayer

PS We and Eric’s Ministry are so biblical that we won’t even compromise our choice of breakfast cereal in the morning!

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