The Truthslayer guarantee!

December 5, 2009

Dear readers,

I have a guarantee for you! Here is my pledge….

Preaching the WHOLE Truth

“Presenting the truth without compromise is not popular in many religious circles today. With a great volume of “feel good” and “happy” half-gospels being offered, those who buck the trend and offer messages laced with words such as “sin,” “judgment,” “holiness,” “Satan,” and “repentance” are commonly viewed as narrow, old-fashioned or even Neanderthal. Actually, the preaching of the whole, authentic Gospel, with all of its convicting themes, never has been “popular.” What is different now than in times past is that yesterday’s Evangelicals were primarily interested in winning and then building strong, righteous disciples. In our day, however, many have decided to market themselves in such a way as to engage in a sort of popularity contest. This is symptomatic of the last days. Doesn’t it make sense that, if one is attempting to use marketing techniques like we’re seeing now, sermons pertaining to righteousness and surrender – let alone sin and hell – wouldn’t be considered? These themes are relics from a bygone era and are considered counterproductive to the prevailing wisdom churned out by today’s gurus of church growth.”

Therefore to sum up….

1) I pledge to preach the WHOLE TRUTH…and nothing but the truth. I NEVER compromise, because that is how holy I am. HEre and only here will you get nothing but the truth (and when I saying “nothing but the truth” I mean it!) You will never find liberal-style Christianity here that stresses love, meekness or humility.

2) I will offer nothing that is “feel good” I will guarantee to make you feel bad. That is my pledge!

3) I will join no popularity contests….even though I am number one in my world…and yours too.

4) There will be no “Happy-Half-Gospels” see #2. I will offer only brooding angry FULL gospels. Happy are they who trust in the Lord.

5) We’ll never use mass marketing techniques, ie like mass email mail-outs like those consumeristic churches.

That is my pledge! “God, I thank you that I am not like other men”.

Affectionately yours,


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** Serious note ** For a helpful account of what humility is about see  True Humility

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