Take a Stand Ministries chastises wrong person!

Fellow discernmentalists, we have come under attack by one of our own! Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries cited iTodyaso as the culprit in a current war of words. Common to discernmentalist tactics he accused the wrong person.

I, yours truly Dr. Truthslayer (was the writer) and I simply provided the 100% Guarantee of Absolute Truth (and no compromise) to all our faithful readers! I shouldn’t have to mention to our readers that I never compromise….ever. I have lost many friends, cut family off, and caused uproars in almost all parts of my life but I never compromise.

I insist that everyone greet each other with a brotherly kiss, insist that everyone own a slave (because its in the bible) and that everyone should carry their own cross (ie not a figurative one, but a large, rugged wooden one).

We come to expect that discernmentalists would site, and accuse the wrong people. We pride ourselves for our inaccuracies and bless them as ministry. If we don’t invent enemies we’d be out of a job and likely have to work for the Pentagon (they also like to invent enemies).

Remember, when it comes to absolute truth and certainty, come to the ODMafia!

Truthslayer endorsed!

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