Annoying Ministries makes announcement

Apprising Ministries has formerly changed it’s name to Annoying Ministries (for obvious reasons). Our research robot monkeys believe this is to keep the “discernment ministry” as public, and at the forefront of discernmentalizing.

Our research robot monkey’s ask a very pertinent question...what is annoying? and what does it mean?

We refer you to our ODMAFIA word-source dictionary thesaurus:

Annoying – the act of troubling or annoying someone. Causing irritation or displeasure. Other definitions include irritating, boring, disturbing, provoking, teasing, harassing, aggravating, troublesome, galling, maddening, exasperating, displeasing, bedevilling, peeving , irksome, bothersome, vexatious.

These of course are all biblical phrases used in true biblical ministry.

Let us do the thinking for you.


One Response to Annoying Ministries makes announcement

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