Dangerous marketing techniques says TSM

Take A Stand Ministries (TSM) outlines (note our over-emphasis on citations!) the dangers of marketing techniques suggesting “In our day, however, many have decided to market themselves in such a way as to engage in a sort of popularity contest. Doesn’t it make sense that, if one is attempting to use marketing techniques like we’re seeing now, sermons pertaining to righteousness and surrender – let alone sin and hell – wouldn’t be considered? These themes are relics from a bygone era and are considered counterproductive to the prevailing wisdom churned out by today’s gurus of church growth.” We however know that the following titles are NOT sensationalist marketing tools:





You see it is NOT marketing (or church growth) when we discernmentalists advertise our books and dvds, it is sinister marketing IF Rick Warren and Rob Bell do the same thing. You see the difference?

When WE do it….it is okay.

When BAD (you know who) people/ministries do it….it is NOT okay.

Church growth techniques bad, but TSM sales growth of books and DVDs good!

This is called discernmentalist rationalization, a special technique of discernmentalization.

Remember, this is clearly not sinister marketing based on fear or sensationalism….but biblical techniques of discernmentalization.

I’m in the KNOW!

Dr. Truthslayer

* Bolding or highlighting was used merely for emphasis but did not appear in TSM’s original article

3 Responses to Dangerous marketing techniques says TSM

  1. I agree with the above post. Personally I cannot see why you would not want to make an effort in this regard anyway. Only the other day, at work we had exactly the same conversation and came to a similar closing


  2. truthslayer says:

    Hello Maureen,

    on a serious note….

    I’m simply making the point that certain ministries accuse others of ‘unbiblical or unscriptural’ marketing techniques etc and then do it themselves using sensational headlines to hawk their less than discerning materials.

    If you are looking for GOOD discernment materials I would seek out Ravi Zacharias Ministries or Act3Online. Their materials are very helpful and insightful.


  3. […] TSM does not use the marketing techniques like other non-bible ministries…but biblical marketing techniques that are ODMafia […]


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