Incredible turn of events at Slice of Laodicea (SoL)

Slice Laodicea (SoL), a clearinghouse for bad news about Christendom has turned its barbed accusations against itself. Like SoL, our research robot monkeys had been scouring the internet daily. Only this time we stumbled upon this outrageous (but obviously true) connection (any connection we make no matter how far fetched is TRUE.) We make all sorts of claims, and links but because we never second guess ourselves….or make mistakes (ever), we can only conclude with 100% certainty that SoL is poisonous.

We come to this conclusion only because we are true discernmentalists. We don’t compromise…and because we are biblical. So please get over it!

Affectionately yours, and doing your thinking for you!


6 Responses to Incredible turn of events at Slice of Laodicea (SoL)

  1. Coolio says:

    I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all disernmentalists a very Merry Christmas and a very discerning new year. For old lang zine or what ever it’s called, I want to remember Christmas of 1984 with a woman who became a leading discernment blogger. That was the year I gave her a pink bic lighter with flames on it under the tree. I think she gave me a fifth of Wolfschmidt. Listening to a Luther Vandross Christmas LP to keep the memory alive.


  2. Debra says:

    Coolio – whoever you are. I don’t think what you are doing is funny. Everybody knows who you are talking about and you you need to get some help like everybody on here. There must be other things to laugh about than this. I don’t know who runs this but I think they have a mean streak. Shame on you. You need to grow up.


  3. truthslayer says:

    Debra, in reference to mean streak I refer you to the Slice of Laodicea website. Inspiring indeed.

    As for laughs….this is a satire site spoofing the so-called “discernment ministries” who deem themselves more worthy of Grace than the rest of us. So read and have fun!


  4. Coolio says:

    Debra, I’m really a computer programmer who lives in L.A. and I used to know one of the leading discernment bloggers really really really well. wink. I get a hoot out of reminding her that she can judge others if she wants to but everybody’s got their stuff and we all need some grace. So chill out and laugh a little. Life’s too short. You can see my friendly Christmas post here:

    It’s all in fun.


  5. […] and insure at every possible angle that they are read in the worst light possible. That is what true ministry is all about, spot the sheep, turn him into a wolf and then “discernmentalize him.” It […]


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