Dear Truthslayer

Dear Dr Truthslayer,

I recently read the following statement from Hunting Heresy Hunters “I agree very much with Rick Joyner when he says that the irony of the heresy hunters is that they claim to be motivated by a desire for holiness and righteousness and purity – and yet they’re abundantly willing to sacrifice those very qualities in themselves, in order to defame their targets.” Is this true?

Bob, Tampa Bay


Bob, Online Discernmentalist Ministries are always obsessed with other people’s holiness, righteousness, purity and that they should meet or beat OUR very high standards of perfectionism. We don’t worry that much about the plank in our own eye because truth is at stake!

We are also sure that we are know-it-alls, and have a special exemption status when it comes to “telling it like it isn’t.”  We can ignore the fruit of the spirit when the truth-war gets tough. We have to protect the truth – because war is not easy and you have to make sacrifices….and when we mean truth, we mean our abstract propositions!!!

Indeed, when we lie or slander to protect the truth, it isn’t a lie or slander….its called a no-compromise defence.  Have you ever heard of our Fruit of the Spirit Exemption Card? If not we highly recommend picking one up while supplies last. Remember, what George Costanza from Seinfeld once said “just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.”

Your affectionate defender of Truth….Dr. Truthslayer

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