May you have a Merry Pagan Christmas without the pagan and mass! (Revisited)

Yes, it is Christmas, and if you are a REAL Christian you have spent this season boycotting and blacklisting all those who say, “Happy Holiday” as we do not believe that Christmas is a “Holy Day”… I mean dagnammit it is CHRISTMAS! Now we also want to remind you that Christmas is also a pagan holiday! Yes, those pagans who worship trees and wear elf suits gave us this blessed Christmas Holiday so we could get mad at Roman Catholics as they go to Christ Mass.

I mean the ONLY Mass we approve is the Mass of American Troops overseas defending our right to oil! I mean that is what Christmas is all about when you really think about it. We here want to let you know that you can do what the ODMafia approves and redeem this Christmas from paganistic Roman Catholic Santa worshipers… You must go straight to our donation and gift links and give to us what is truly right in this world… and that is your money.

Truly Capitalism is the only True way to save this Holy Nation. Capitalism is the only God and ODMafia approved economic system, and for you to truly be saved, you must participate. Now, go and buy something! (From our store!) And have a very Merry Christmas without it being paganistic, Roman Catholic or a holiday… oh and go kill a tree!


4 Responses to May you have a Merry Pagan Christmas without the pagan and mass! (Revisited)

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  2. truthslayer says:

    I berated someone for the use of “Happy Holidays” and then commanded them to support the troops by chastising someone who could have been from the middle east. I felt much better afterwords.


  3. onejourneyman says:

    It’s Christmas Eve’s eve, (12/23/10). Where’s the sequel???!


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