Eric Barger needs YOU!

December 31, 2009



Eric Barger needs YOU! Yes, Eric Barger needs you to support him in his fight against enemy blogs that mock him and his theology. We quote from Eric Barger’s recent Most Holy Inspired News Letter:

Though the heretical bloggers may mock our mission and resort to mere name calling, I am certain many will agree with me that we must aggressively address the many issues effecting our culture today, not the least of which is the mounting theological and doctrinal confusion among professing Evangelicals. Though astounding numbers are now rejecting the historic and biblical faith for the false gospels of “Emergent,” “Feel Good,” and “Seeker-Sensitive” we’ll continue to boldly remind anyone and everyone of the changeless truth that there is but one way, one Lord and one holy Word of God!

Now how does Eric Barger suggest you can ‘help” him? We quote again:

… Another terrific way to support the ministry is to order some of our DVDs, CDs and Books. These valuable tools can be shared again and again and will continue to serve the Kingdom of God for many years to come.

Yes… by buying his “DVDs, CDs and Books” you can help Eric in his “ministry”. We pray this un-named and un-cited mockers of Eric Barger will be exposed and we here remain true to the SAME theology of Eric Barger and SAME love of truth Eric Barger has. In fact we here at the ODMafia fully ENDORSE and BACK and fall short of WORSHIPPING Eric Barger’s Take a Stand Ministries. If you want to be safe from anyone that disagrees with Eric Barger and the ODMafia… be sure to just read our blog and buy Eric’s “DVDs, CDs and Books.”


P.S. Just a note to those “mockers”. We here at the ODMafia agree that you are heretics. Not because we know you or have actually talked to you, but because 1. We said so. 2. You try  to hold Eric Barger and others to a moral and biblical standard of Truth. 3. You hold us discernmentalist “ministries” (We call ourselves that because we sell books and DVD’s and CDs) accountable. How dare you! I mean that IS OUR JOB! So get off Eric Barger’s back! I mean he does not even know the difference between “emerging” and “Emergent” so we are sure he is orthodox!

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