Truth shield unveiled by Grace to You!

In an unexpected turn of events Grace to You Ministries has covertly developed Emergent Proof Truth Shields. According to recent reports these truth sheilds will help you to embrace the American Gospel (the only true gospel). Therefore, when you approach books by Rob Bell, NT Wright or Brian McLaren your carefully placed body-wrapped shield will vibrate as a warning signal against opening your mind against such assaults. This will aid anyone wearing the Truth Shield to negate any ideas that are different …

You will never question imperialism, power, rabid-individualism, militarism…and finally you will note that war is noble (especially the truth war)! Remember, make war, not love!

Guaranteed Truth War Protection!


PS We believe the war is very noble…especially when we invade foreign lands. However, we believe it is unbiblical if someone invades our lands….

3 Responses to Truth shield unveiled by Grace to You!

  1. Arhutr McJohn says:

    I bought it, and it vibrates a lot when reading The Sermon on the Mount.


  2. truthslayer says:

    Arthur, we may be offering a TWO for ONE in the near future….stay tuned! You’ll get GOOD vibrations…at 1/2 the cost.


  3. Arhutr McJohn says:

    This reminds me a good Beach Boys’ song (I listened them when I was a pagan 🙂


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