Russian radios found at Emerging Church house meeting

January 11, 2010

Our research robot monkeys using Eric Barger’s Take A Stand “Super Radio,” found Red Russian radios at an emergent church house meeting!!! After the apostate church meeting tucked their false bibles away, snuffed out their candles, hid their couches and ceased all chants….there was ONE THING they forgot to hide….their russian radios!!!!!

We all know that IF you own a russian radio you are a communist. We also know that communists are against capitalism which is anti-biblical. We also know that communists share and believe in the evils of socialized medicine and may have secret ties to Canada.

Thank-goodness our robot monkeys found the sinister radios…we will dispose of them in an exorcism!


PS Our research robot monkeys wore ear plugs just in case they were withing ear-shot of an evil emergent church worship service.

Liberals Persecute Reagan’s Grandson

January 11, 2010

Cameron Reagan, son of conservative radio host Michael Reagan and grandson of former president Ronald Reagan, was arrested Thursday at his home in Southern California and charged with resisting arrest. “They tackled and arrested him,” Kirsten Fedewa told CNN.

We discernmentalists know this is a liberal plot against us because we stand for Absolute Truth like our Final President Ronald Reagan before us. Afterall Republicans can do no wrong.

We must say in order to fight the liberal threat

Fellow Americans, Republicans, CONSERVATIVES, DISCERNMENTALISTS: It is clear that the only way we are going to unify is to agree on what we all agree: REAGAN CONSERVATISM. Help me bring the message, the values, the voice of the real conservatives back to the party. I will be traveling, speaking and sharing what I know about my father’s dream and vision all around America. Get involved, support our efforts donate now.

Super radio introduced!

January 11, 2010

Our faithful research robot monkeys almost missed this, and therefore an upgrade early in 2010 will have to commence! We missed the big news due to a research robot monkey processing error. Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries (TSM) has announced a super radio that is secretly connected to the fandazzled world-wide-intertube. This new technology will allow TSM to listen in on Obama’s anti-christ activities (but filter out anything the Republicans do). We must note that Bush and Cheney cannot be anti-Christs, even if they invaded other countries on fabrications and lies….because Republicans cannot be evil or anti-Christ.

Speaking of anti-Christ the Emerging church will also be spied upon using this new super radio that is packed with vacuum tubes to intercept the evil transmissions of various EC teachers. The super radio runs on what is called a “certainty microchip,” guaranteeing absolute results.


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