Super radio introduced!

Our faithful research robot monkeys almost missed this, and therefore an upgrade early in 2010 will have to commence! We missed the big news due to a research robot monkey processing error. Eric Barger’s Take A Stand Ministries (TSM) has announced a super radio that is secretly connected to the fandazzled world-wide-intertube. This new technology will allow TSM to listen in on Obama’s anti-christ activities (but filter out anything the Republicans do). We must note that Bush and Cheney cannot be anti-Christs, even if they invaded other countries on fabrications and lies….because Republicans cannot be evil or anti-Christ.

Speaking of anti-Christ the Emerging church will also be spied upon using this new super radio that is packed with vacuum tubes to intercept the evil transmissions of various EC teachers. The super radio runs on what is called a “certainty microchip,” guaranteeing absolute results.


3 Responses to Super radio introduced!

  1. donjobson says:

    This is Absolutely True news. Ronald Reagan especially didn’t have any anti-American anti-Christ activities such as: the Iran Contra affair, sending death squads to assassinate democratically elected leaders, meddling in foreign affairs, etc.


  2. […] We discernmentalists know this is a liberal plot against us because we stand for Absolute Truth like our Final President Ronald Reagan before us. Afterall Republicans can do no wrong. […]


  3. […] research robot monkeys using Eric Barger’s Take A Stand “Super Radio,” found Red Russian radios at an emergent church house meeting!!! After the apostate church […]


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