January 13, 2010

According to Discerning the World….its all about 100%. Its all about you, your effort to follow Jesus at 100% and your effort to uphold the bible 100%

Forgot God’s grace! Its not about God’s faithfulness….its about your effort!

DTW writes ” You either follow Jesus Christ the Son of God 100% and that INCLUDES the Word of God 100% (the two can’t be separated from one another) or you don’t which means you follow after other gods and are therefore NOT Christian.”

We at the ODMafia are quite amazed with Discerning the World (DTW). We have always admired and aspired to be super Christians…uber-saints. We admire that DTW has apparently met these qualifications and is light-years ahead of other Christians. Amazing! Dazzling! Astounding. But that is why discernmentalists are at a calibre that is much higher than anyone else.

First that they admit following Jesus 100%….or at least expect everyone but themselves to follow suit. But that goes without saying, for we Discernmentalists loving piling great weight on the backs of others. It must be a good feeling.

Some day I’m going to make a Pilgramage to DTW. Not an unbiblical Roman Catholic Pilgramage but a Biblical one, so that my eyes may rest on true purity and holiness.

100% Pure! Remember to congratulate Discerning The World on this amazing achievement….

Truthslayer Guarantee.

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